Benito Hearne

Fantom Moon is a hyper-deflationary reward token that operates on the FANTOM network. It is designed to provide a deflationary incentive for holders and users of the FANTOM platform.

What is VVS crypto?

As a decentralized exchange (DEX) built natively on the Cronos platform, VVS Finance is set to revolutionize crypto trading with its automated market-making and close-to 0.3% transaction fee features – akin to what Uniswap provides. Taking up the mantle against Yearn Finance, Clover finance and DFI Money giants in the industry, it has earned itself…
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How to Add Optimism to MetaMask

Make the most of your cryptocurrencies with MetaMask, one of the leading software wallets. Popular and reliable, it allows users from almost any blockchain -except Bitcoin- to integrate into DeFi applications seamlessly. Discover how Fantom-Moon Academy can help you unlock all Optimism has to offer within this powerful platform! Install the Metamask add-on Seamlessly add…
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How to add Fantom Network to Metamask

MetaMask is a must-have crypto wallet app and browser extension that provides an easy way to access the Ethereum mainnet. With quick setup, you can add new EVM networks like Fantom or BNB Smart Chain with just some basic information needed from MetaMask – such as chain ID, network name and custom RPC URL for…
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